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PictureHello friends! I'm Lauren! Welcome to my little slice of blog-land. I've been a blog addict for the past 6 years. I love the community that has been created in blog-land. Two years ago, I figure it was about time I join in on the fun, instead of watching from the sidelines! My hope for this blog has always been that it would be a chance for me to share my own adventures in teaching and life!

So here's a little bit about me...

I taught for four years, before deciding to stay-at-home with my twins (they just turned one!). I live in the sunny Southern California desert! I taught third grade for three years and I moved to second grade my last year.

Even though I've been out of the classroom for just over a year, I still consider myself a teacher. It just so happens my students are a whole lot younger than they used to be. Because the reality is that all moms are teachers- whether or not they've got a credential. I'm amazed daily by what my boys can already pick up, they really are little sponges. Spending my days with them further cements my desire to continue to hone my teaching skills-- both for my boys and for when I return to the classroom.

My teaching philosophy has always been to make learning fun or forget it. Seriously who wants to hear someone talk at them for hours on end...not me and not most kids. So to combat teacher-talk-too-much syndrome, I've learned to make my lessons more interactive and fun. The biggest change to my teaching came when I started using Whole Brain Teaching at the end of my 2nd year. Since then I've had a lot more fun teaching and my kids have had a lot more fun learning! I encourage you to check it out for yourself!

These days I can be found: teaching my little ones, hanging out with my wonderful husband, visiting Disneyland, pinning on Pinterest, blog hopping, making printables and activities for the classroom, baking, and crafting.

I'm excited to get to be apart of the blogging community! Thanks for following me!

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