Teacher Brain

If you're anything like me you have a ton of sticky notes plastered all over your desk...or in my case stuck to the computer monitor.  Because, let's be honest, if I keep them on my desk they get buried and forgotten. But I absolutely hate having them stuck to my computer monitor, because it makes my desk look super cluttered. I wish I had some photos to show the madness that was my sticky notes. Seriously, it was bad. Super bad. I use a lot of sticky notes. I write notes for everything. My students even write me reminders and stick them on my computer. So there were A LOT OF NOTES.

I have tried many things to tame my stickies. I tried sticking them to the file cabinet next to my desk. I also tried adding a page in my teacher binder to adhere my notes to. I even tried giving up on stickies and using a to do list in a notebook instead. But nothing seemed to work as well as having them on my monitor. If it was out of sight, I would probably forget about it. Confession... I have the memory of a goldfish. I like to call it "teacher brain", because my mind is constantly juggling a million different things. I can't imagine what I'll be like when I have "pregnancy brain" and "teacher brain". But hey, maybe two negatives equal a positive. :)

In an effort to combat the "teacher brain" and stickies galore, I created this cute little "to do list" printable and popped it into a frame.

By the way how cute is that sticky note? They were a gift, but you can find them at any office supply store or online here. I'll be sticking my stickies to it, but you could always write directly on it, like this...

Eventually this cutie will find a new frame and a new home in my classroom. I like that I won't be able to bury my stickies and that they will be centralized and off my monitor! So happy!

You can get this one, as well as other chevron options, for free here. Or you can get the chalkboard versions for free here.

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