So yesterday I professed my love of sticky notes, but sticky notes aren't the only notes I love. As a teacher there are always reasons we need to write notes to others, whether it's the office, other teachers, reading specialists, or parents. I used to write my notes on plain 'ole notepads, but I could never find {cheap} notepads I loved. And let's face it, I can't justify 10 bucks or more on a notepad, even to my note loving self.

My solution was to start printing my own personalized note sheets. I didn't think anyone but me would notice, but I have gotten many compliments. The ladies in the office love them because they can easily identify who they come from in case I forget to write my name {apparently we teachers do it a lot}. They also told me that they would be super helpful for everyone to have, since they can't always decipher quickly scrawled signatures on the back of random bits of paper. Maybe I'll gift my fellow teachers with a set of their own this year?

My favorite thing about these notes is that they make it easier on parents with multiple kids, who often get bombarded with piles of school papers each week. Let's be real...most of what I have to send home is actually more like junk mail. I HATE sending home junk, because I know most of it is thrown out without being read. It's such a huge waste of paper! Also it usually means my important papers are just part of the mix that gets dumped. So making my notes standout is really important.

As an added bonus it's easy for parents to identify where the note comes from, since it's personalized. I have gotten quicker responses back from parents, since using these notes. Coincidence? Maybe, but I like to think my cute note paper helped. Now if only I could get parents to use easily identifiable notes...Seriously, if you thought kid handwriting was bad wait until you try to decipher super busy I-have-5-seconds-before-they-honk-at-me-for-holding-up-the-car-line mom's note that was left on your desk anonymously by one of your little cuties. Personalized notes from home would save so much time!

So if you're like me and don't want to spend all your hard earned money buying cute personalized notepads and you don't have the time to make your own, you can purchase my editable notepad templates in my store, just the click image below. The best part is that only you need to buy them once, and you will never run out! Unless of course you don't print enough...

To save $$ and colored ink you can print the black-line patterns on colored paper. That's how I've used these in the past, but I've decided to step it up a bit this year and try some bolder color.  


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