12 Homemade Gifts for Toddlers

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Christmas is right around the corner, can you believe it? I sure can't! As I was compiling a list of ideas of what to make for my boys this Christmas, I realized my list was quickly getting out of control! There are so many ideas I love, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you!

So here you go, 12 AWESOME homemade toys you can make for your toddler. Perfect for Christmas and birthdays, especially when the budget is tight!

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1. A- Frame tent from Cakies Super adorable and WAY cheaper than the ones you can buy. I love that it can be personalized to match your nursery decor or your child's current favorites just by switching up the fabric.  I'll be saving this one for next year when the boys are a bit older.

2. Roll-up Play Kitchen from Joyful Abode How awesome is sweet little stove top? Perfect for traveling or small spaces. GummyBear loves watching mama cook, so this is just perfect for him! For sure this one is at the top of my to-do list!

3. Bean Bag Game from Pocket Full of Whimsy My boys love to throw things...duh mama they're boys! So they would love these, and it's good practice for their motor development. Oh and I love the "mommy-approved silencer". Yup definitely a must!

4. DIY Wooden Blocks by me. Originally I made these for my classroom as a way for my students to practice spelling words. They were a huge hit! But they're also perfect for toddlers. For now my boys love knocking over block towers, hopefully someday they'll love spelling out words, too. For this set I simply decoupaged alphabet stickers on to these blocks,  Woodpeckers® 50 Pieces 1" Square Blocks Unfinished Craft Wood Cube Blocks. But really the possibilities are endless, I've also used nontoxic paint and other themed stickers to decorate. These have also been my go-to for a quick and fun baby shower activity.

5. Cardboard Plane by my hubby, he used this post as inspiration but in true aeronautical engineer style he made sure it had authentic moving parts. This was our present to the boys on their 1st birthday. They love riding in it, spinning the propeller (see the steering wheel!), and flapping the wings and tail. It was a HUGE hit. JellyBean and GummyBear still love it 5 months later, although it has needed some trips to the mechanic (aka mama and lots of tape).

6. Fabric Letters by Twin Talk. Can you tell I'm a teacher? I sure do love a cute alphabet toy.  These are also at the top of this year's Christmas list. Such a great way to use up fabric scraps. My boys are going to love these. I may even make them magnetic by adding magnets inside the letters, how fun would that be?

7. Easy Fabric Roads from Lil Mop Top. For all those little cars that have inevitably taken over your home if you're a boy mom! What a simple and easy way to help your little ones exercise their imaginations. And so easy to take along to grandma's house!

8. Button Snake from Happy Hooligans. Perfect for practicing fine motor skills. And such a great way to keep them quietly occupied. This would be so easy to throw in a diaper bag for car rides or waiting at restaurants. Love it!

9. Plantable Felt Garden from A Beautiful Mess. I LOVE this one! I just about died from cuteness! It's so perfect to go with the roll-up play kitchen. What a sweet way to get your little ones excited about their fruits and veggies. This one is a must do for me!

10. Super Hero Cape from How Does She. What toddler wouldn't love a cape? Boy or girl they've all got super powers, now they'll have a cape to match! It's such a simple tutorial, even a beginner (like me) could pull it off. So easy to personalize it with a favorite color. You could even do a heat transfer with their favorite super hero's emblem or their monogram.

11. Fabric "wipes" pull by me. I honestly just threw this one together one day after watching my boys destroy a box of tissues. The joy on their faces was precious, as were the belly laughs. BUT that's not a habit I want to encourage, so this was an easy compromise. I grabbed an empty wipes container (or tissue box), and threw in fabric scraps that I knotted together. Easy-peasy and they just love it! Eventually I used contact paper {apparently in two different colors, haha} to cover the wipes container, because visitors kept moving it out of reach thinking it wasn't a toy!

12. Fabric Memory Game from Begin with B. I loved playing memory as a kid. Using fabric is a great way to make it more toddler friendly, these should last much longer than a card game. And it is pure genius to use a thrift store bed sheet for the images on the matched pairs side. I love the vehicle theme, but you could easily use any fabric scraps to make your matched pairs.

My list of projects just got way longer! If you'd like to see more Homemade Gifts for Toddlers and kids, check out my Pinterest board.

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What cute projects are next on your list? I'd love to hear them in the comments below!

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  1. Awesome ideas, Lauren. I'm loving the frame-a-tent idea. My husband and I have looked high and low for a reasonable one to give to our daughter for Christmas, but we've come up short every time. Thank goodness for your suggestion; we'll probably end up just making ours.

    It was lovely to see you on #SHINEbloghop this week. Thanks for sharing with us and have a wonderful weekend!

    1. So happy you loved the tent! I'm super excited to make one for my twins, I'm patiently waiting until next year when they'll enjoy it more! :)