Currently {November 2015}

Another month has gone by. Where does the time go?? I CANNOT believe it's November and my babies are almost one and a half! We've been busy lately... just got back from our Disneyland trip. More on that later...

But first... I'm linking up with Farley at for my November Currently!

Listening: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Adele. And her new single is no exception. If you haven't heard it yet, go listen right now. So good!

Loving: As much as I love sunny, warm weather. I'm definitely ready for fall. We love to talk walks after breakfast, and man that 80+ degree was killing me. Looking forward to longer, cooler walks with my boys.

Thinking: Call me crazy, but I LOVE Disneyland. I was so excited to take my boys for the first time. Everyone told me taking 17 month old twins was crazy, but I didn't listen. I had so much fun. The boys had fun too, except when mama took them on rides. They didn't love that so much. But no biggy, I'm already planning our next trip! Don't worry we're waiting until Spring 2017!

Wanting: I know I'm not the only mama who doesn't love wearing her pre-pregnancy pants. So not flattering. Even though I've lost most of the weight {nursing twins for the win}, I'm just not the same shape anymore. So I've decided its time for a change!

Needing: Umm. So much organizing to do. Seriously, as soon as I think I get a system down I realize it's too much work to maintain. My office/craft space and the play area are out of control right now! I seriously just had to dig out the laptop. It was drowning in the remnants of my last sewing project.

Yummy: Pumpkin Chai Lattes will change your life. Their even better when you can make them at home. Chai tea + pumpkin ginger tea+ milk+ sweetener of choice= bliss. So yummy!!

So what are you up to lately?



  1. Disney is always the best! How exciting! And Adele's song...WOW! I am a little obsessed with it. Check out the covers already on Youtube! I can't wait for the whole album!

    1. I'm excited to hear the whole album, too! And I'm hoping to see her when she tours. Fingers crossed!!

  2. I had been meaning to listen to her song for a week now- your blog post just made me do it! It is SOOOO good!