Currently {October 2015}

Only a little late this month...

I'm linking up with Farley for the October edition of Currently...

Listening/Loving: Fall weather is finally here!! There was totally wet stuff falling from the sky today. That NEVER happens here. Like seriously though, I live in the desert, we get about 3 inches a YEAR. Our periods of heavy rain yesterday, left us with .13" inches of precipitation. My hubby laughed out loud, when he saw that on the news. Such a teeny, tiny amount!

Thinking: I'd better start on the boys Halloween costumes. Except I have NO idea what they should be. Any one have any cute ideas for 1 year old twin boys??

Wanting: Umm...hello. It's not fall until you've indulged in a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I need one. Or maybe even a Pumpkin Chai Latte. Or both. Seriously though, If you love a PSL and you love chai, you MUST try a chai latte with a pump of pumpkin. Life changing. My bestie introduced me to the magic that is Pumpkin Chai. She knows what's up.

Needing: Vacuuming, it's so overrated. And if your one, it's also completely terrifying. Just the sight of the vacuum has poor Mr. Gummy Bear is tears. Crocodile tears. Complete with cowering in the corner. Breaks my heart. But hey, it's an excellent excuse for putting of vacuuming. Am I right?

Boo-tiful: One of my favorite things about teaching was watching students have light bulb moments. The expression of pure joy when something they were working hard on finally clicked was priceless. I LOVE watching it happen to my boys. They are loving exploring and trying new things. Current favorite is playing with a large rubber ball. They love experimenting with how it can move- rolling, pushing, bouncing, throwing... Their faces are priceless. It's BOO-tiful for sure!

So what are you up to lately?



  1. Isn't Fall great? I'm glad I've been reading all of these Currentlys to learn that PSL is Pumpkin Spice Latte. LOL! I love the pumpkin treats this time of year. I hope you have a fantastic week!
    Barton's Buzz

  2. I always hate when summer is over but once the cooler weather sets in and its jeans and sweaters weather, I love it! I love pumpkin but not the pumpkin spice latte for some reason. I'm more of a white chocolate mocha girl:)

    The Busy Busy Hive

  3. I've never had a PSL. So many people love them, I'll try one out this season. Enjoy the rain.:)