It's That Time of Year Again...

I'm back in my classroom, even though we don't officially report until Monday. My goodness was it a mess when I got there on Monday! I switched grades and rooms, so there was literally stuff everywhere. I even found my student computers across campus, as they were accidentally moved with the teacher that left my new room!

Here's what it looked like on Monday before I started...

The view from behind my desk.

View from the front of the room. The furniture just got dumped in.

View from the back of the room looking left. And yes there's a ceiling tile on the floor... guess the networking guys forgot to put it back when he was done. And check out that awesomely Frankenstein-ed bookshelf, I've got! Someone took a perfectly good tall shelf, turned it on its side and screwed these shelves in place. WHY??

View from the back of the room looking right. Notice the HUGE piles of my new curriculum that surround my desk. Oh wait you can't see them, because so much other stuff is in the way. Ha!

Does anyone else get seriously overwhelmed and indecisive when deciding where to put stuff. Our rooms are so small, I'm having a hard time even fitting my furniture in. The thing is that my old room was exactly the same size! Apparently my stuff multiplied over the summer? Weird.

Anyhow, I can't wait to show you what it looks like when it's done. Hopefully by the end of today I'll be halfway done. I'll try post more pictures.

Happy Last Days of Summer!

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