I'm Still Here...and Teacher Week

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. School is back in full swing...today is the first day of school!! I've spent the last few weeks frantically setting up my classroom and prep-ing for my switch to second grade!

Last week was teacher week, which was full with meetings, prep-ing, and a Whole Brain Teaching Seminar. Coach B, himself, came to teach our staff about classroom management! I was pretty excited to have my coworkers learn about WBT and from Coach B no less! Coach B kept picking me as his 'volunteer.' I was glad I was already familiar with WBT, because standing up in front of a room of 100+ adults is not my thing.

On to the linky...

Did you know it's Teacher Week over at Blog Hoppin'? Today is Let's Talk About Me Monday! So here's a little about me...

  1. My name is Lauren. Today is my first day teaching 2nd grade, I'm so excited! I loved third but wanted to try something new!
  2. This is my fourth year teaching. I work at a charter school in a small, isolated, desert town in California. 
  3. I am married to a wonderful man. He even helped me setup my classroom this year. Seriously... he got my student computers on the Internet, all my computers to print to my new printer, my doc camera setup, installed a shelf, stuffed my envelopes, passed out textbooks, and he sharpened pencils! He even loves Jesus and plays the drums! I'm one lucky girl!
  4. I love teaching! But it wasn't what I pictured myself doing. In fact I was a pre-med in college! But all that changed when I did an internship at the hospital and almost passed out while watching a minor procedure. Not for me! I continued with my Psychology degree thinking I'd be a therapist. It wasn't until after college that I realized how much I loved teaching. Looking back on my life I can see the signs all along. I can see that I was born to be a teacher, it just took 22 years for my eyes to be opened. 
  5. Last year, I made a huge change to the way I teach. I started really implementing Whole Brain Teaching!I love it and my kids love it. I had never experienced such student engagement before! Sticking to it isn't always easy, but it is so worth it!
  6. I am obsessed with chevron and chalkboard right now. But who isn't?!
  7. I love to travel! My last year of college I was bitten by the travel bug. I visited Israel, South Korea, France, and England. I even lived in Israel for a school year! While living there I visited Hungary, Spain, and Austria. Someday I'd love to visit Lisbon, Prague, and Australia. My goal when I finished college was to visit 6 of the 7 continents...I don't really want to see Antarctica. I can't stand the cold!
  8. I was born in Canada, but raised in California. I'm a California girl at heart. Don't think I could ever leave it for good.
  9. I love to craft. Pinterest is my guilty pleasure. We don't have TV...so it's where I spend most of my down time. 
  10. I am a bit OCD. I had to chill out a lot with all my traveling right after college. But I still keep my markers, crayons, and colored pencils in rainbow order. :) 
Head on over to Blog Hoppin' to meet the other teachers!

Happy Teacher Week!

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