7 Best Toys for 2 year olds

Now that my boys are two, I thought I'd update you all on their current toy favorites. If you'd like to read about their favorites last year check out this post.

Let me start by saying that I'm not a fan of loud, flashy toys- my boys zombie out and button mash until the darn thing gets glitchy. And then it really drives me NUTS. So for the most part we avoid toys with batteries. Most of the toys we have are gifts and with twins everyone always gets us double so we have a LOT of toys. But I've narrowed this list down to their 7 absolute favorites. So here we go...

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*Disclaimer* This post contains affiliate links, meaning I earn a small commission when purchases are made by using the link. Regardless, all product reviews are my honest, unbiased opinion. If I share it, it is something I have honestly used and loved. Otherwise I wouldn't share it!

1. Little Tikes Water Table* It's currently summer so this one makes total sense, who wouldn't want to play in water when its 10 million degrees outside (not really but 115° is pretty darn close). But these water babies will probably be begging me to fill this in the winter too. Water is their jam. They love to scoop up the water and sprinkle it around the yard and pour it on brother. HAHA. But they also enjoy the spinning wheels and the ball launcher (although they'd rather launch water).

2. Badger Basket Covered Sandbox* We bought this for their birthday and it is a huge hit. The shade and cool sand are the perfect relief from this awful desert heat. They seriously love burying their feet and legs. Pouring and scooping are a close second. the fact that the sandbox is covered is a huge bonus in my book. It helps keep them out of it when I don't feel like hosing the sand off, and it keeps away the neighborhood cats. Of course you'll need some sand toys to go with it, I picked up a cheap beach toy set from Walmart.

3. Pocket Stix* My boys are drummers, it's in their blood after all (daddy's a drummer too). JellyBean especially loves his drumsticks. It's one of the few things he'll ask for daily, multiple times a day. This toy is for brave mama's who are patient enough for the banging. We have taught the boys that they may only drum on certain surfaces. Their favorite things to drum on are the laundry basket, cardboard boxes, and empty coffee cans.

4. Little Tikes Sizzle and Serve Grill* This is mama's favorite! It is so adorable to watch them cook on the grill just like daddy. They love to bring me food to eat. My sister got them this for their first birthday with an extra set of food*, but since they weren't walking yet it sat unused for a few months. But once they were confident walkers and had watched daddy grilling they were all about it. Pretend play is so important for their development, I love watching their imaginations grow!

5. Little People Animal Friends Farm* They love the vintage version of this farm that their Speech Pathologist has been using with them, so I knew we needed one at home. This was at the top of their birthday wishlist! They were so excited when they got it. They love putting animals down the shoot and matching animals to their spots. Its great for identifying animals and practicing their sounds, perfect for 2 year olds!

6. Balls* This is the set my boys got for their birthday and they love it! Rolling, kicking, and throwing are all very important skill for toddlers to practice. These balls are perfect for indoor or outdoor play. They're air-filled and on the softer side so no one will be hurt by a stray ball. And they are small enough to be easily managed by toddler hands.

7. Lego Duplo* or Mega Bloks* These last two are so similar I grouped them together. Every little guy needs a building block set. Both Lego Duplo and Mega Bloks have their advantages. My boys like the Mega Bloks because they are easier to build with and destroy, essentially the slide together and apart very easily. They also don't need to be perfectly aligned to fit together, which is nice for inexperienced or impatient builders. They are perfect for the boys to play with on their own. So far we love the Lego Duplo for when mommy and daddy are joining in on the fun. Together we can make fun creations. My boys love the construction themed set they have and it made the perfect cake toppers for their construction themed 2nd birthday! They just love filling and dumping the dump truck. Eventually they'll get the hang of building Lego Duplo on their own but for now its a great family activity. And I have to admit both my husband and I have been caught building while the boys were off doing something else. :)

Bonus: Toddler Learning Charts These are learning charts I created when my boys fell in love with the ABC chart at the back of their favorite book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom*. They would carry the book around asking "What's this?"  So to save the book from extra wear I made and laminated an alphabet chart for them to carry around. Before I knew it they could identify most of their letters! So I added shapes, colors, and numbers too! They love asking about them and really love identifying them when we asked them to point to specific ones! The chart is a free printable in my Teachers  Pay Teachers shop here or available to download free here.

So there you have it, our twin-tested, mom-approved toys!

I hope you found this list helpful, if you did I would appreciate you sharing it with your friends. Comment below with your must-have toys for 2 year-olds!


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