Just Treats, no Tricks!

So Halloween is just around the corner... And I still have no idea what the twinzies are going to be! Ack! It's making me crazy! Who knew it'd be so hard to choose a cute idea for twin boys? Pinterest is killing me, too many cute Halloween ideas but I feel like all the twin boy ideas are way over done. So I'm still on the lookout and I'm racking my brain trying to think outside the box. My BFF is awesome at unique Halloween costumes, I mean the girl was a Fandango puppet in college. Complete with the life-sized paper bag, that we made to fit her. IT WAS EPIC. I wish her Halloween awesomeness had rubbed off on me!

Last year we took the easy way out. The boys were just 5 months old, and we got home that day from a road trip. So easy-peasy costumes were a must. They'd received Ninja Turtle onesies complete with capes at one of my baby showers, which just happened to be the perfect size for Halloween. Homemade colored headbands (read: a strip of fabric with a knot) and we were good to go. And by go, I really mean stay home and take a million pictures while Daddy ate some candy. Our neighborhood is a bit dull on Halloween and we were just too tired to take them elsewhere. Traveling 10 hours in the car with twins is no joke.

My little ninjas!

But this year we plan to at least take them to our church's fall festival, we may even get brave and take them trick-or-treating in my friends neighborhood. We're on the fence though. I mean does anyone else feel weird trick-or-treating with 1-year-olds? Honestly, they can't even eat the candy, so basically I'd be using their cuteness to score myself some candy? Isn't that weird? Maybe not, I mean who turns down an opportunity for free candy... :)

But even though we're on the fence with Trick-or-Treating, I thought it was important to take a minute and talk about Trick-or-Treating safety. I'm definitely new to this whole experience from the mom-side of things. As a kids I never worried about my safety and even as a teacher I didn't give Trick-or-Treating safety much thought. But now as a mom, I see how important it is!! You really can't be too careful these days, but you still want to let them have fun right? It's all in finding a balance.

So here are some great Trick-or-Treating Safety tips that will definitely help you strike that balance between keeping kids safe and letting them have fun! And how cute is this little infographic? When I saw it I knew it'd be perfect for teachers to share with their classes, I definitely wish I had this when I was teaching! I'll be saving this for sure!

Big thanks to Norm Reeves of Acura of Mission Viejo, for creating and sharing this infographic with me. You can check out their website here

Cute, right? And full of great tips that I wouldn't necessarily have thought of myself. Hopefully you found the tips as helpful as I do!  

And now I'm off to scope out Halloween costumes for the twins and I. Last year was one of the handful of years I didn't dress up. And I'm not making that mistake again. :) 

So what will you be this Halloween? Any great ideas for my twinzies?


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