The Greatness of God

Have you ever been hit by the greatness of God? I mean really hit by it? So overcome by it that you can't help but thank God for who He is?

Last night as I rocked my sleepless baby boy back to sleep and he wrapped his sweet little fingers around mine, it hit me hard. I was a hot mess. Trying so hard to keep my hot tears from escaping onto his cute little cheeks. Trying to muffle my sniffles so as not to wake both sleeping babies. But there it was right in front of me. God is so great. And He has done so much more for me than I can ever deserve.

Just over a year ago I was holding that very same (yet much, much tinier) hand wondering if he'd make it through the night. Wondering if I'd ever get to hold more than just his hand. Wondering if I'd have to say goodbye before we'd even really said hello. And looking across the room to see his daddy holding his sweet twin brother's hand, most likely wondering the very same things.

As I struggled to keep my tears to myself I considered just how far He has brought us since those first weeks in the NICU. When I once listened to them struggle to whimper, I now hear squeals of delight (and disapproval). When I once watched my babies fall asleep in exhaustion after barely finishing 1 oz of milk, I now watch my one year olds guzzle milk and want more. When I watched preemie size onesies swallow them whole, I now struggle to cradle boys who are barely fitting into my lap. God is good.

Only He could take such a rough beginning and turn it around. Only He can turn darkness to light. Thank you sweet Jesus. I don't deserve Your great love, but you give it nonetheless.


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